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Step 1: Find out if you qualify
1) Find Out If You Qualify
2) Use Our list to pack a bag.
3) Come to Men’s Orientation
4) Interview with our staff
5) If you’re accepted, you’ll be on your way to Vesper Hills Daybreak.

Follow These Steps 

1.) Men must be age 18 or older in order to join the Refuge and soon Vesper Hills Daybreak.


2.) We accept men from other states as well

as Ohio residents. If you are coming from two hours away or more, we strongly recommend that you contact us to set up a pre-screening interview before arriving for a an Orientation. Fill out the following form to arrange that pre-screening and we will call as soon as possible. This form MUST be filled out by the person interested in coming into Vesper Hills Daybreak.


3.) We will consider allowing a man with open traffic issues or outstanding fines to enter Vesper Hills Daybreak, provided he is not required to attend a court appearance. If any fines may

result in a warrant for arrest, we will need written agreement from a friend or family member that they will take care of the fine.



4.) Any man currently paying (or in arrears on) child support will need either 1) a written response from the case manager stating that payments may be placed on hold or deferred until the completion of the 13 months


5.) We do not allow any prescription medications that are considered “mood altering”. Please consult your physician prior to making any decisions concerning prescribed medication. A letter from your physician MAY be required for entry into Vesper Hills Daybreak.


6.) We are a working ministry, so any man currently earning disability must be willing to relinquish it, because legally he cannot simultaneously work for the later phases of the ministry and stay on disability. (The maximum hours someone can work a week while on disability is 20 hrs/week,

and while in the 3rd and 4th phases of our program, men are expected to work from 20-50 hrs/week.)

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