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The Transport Team

recognizes that tranportation is one of the biggest hinderences for recovery

We provide free transporting services for organizations listed below

1.) The Main Place – Contact: Aaron Messina 

2.) Job & Family Services – Contact: Administrator only 

3.) Health Progress – Contact: Candice Keener

4.) Summer Bloom – Contact: Autumn Conklin

5.) Lighthouse Behavioral Heath - Contact: Ashley Vizzo 

The following restrictions will be enforsed

  • Only approved appointments through either the Admin or Point of Contact from the above organizations can be transported. 

  •  Riders are required to put ALL baggage in the rear of the vehicle 

  •  If a rider is caught with any substance or substance use paraphernalia, they will permanently lose all transporting privileges. 

Please call Jon Maouri at (740) 975-1267

or scan the QR code below

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